Chocolate Brazils


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2.75Kg Jars of Chocolate Brazils from WJ Shaws in Belfast - Traditional boiled sweets since 1877

Perfect for an after-dinner treat, Shaws Chocolate Brazils are generously coated with smooth deep milk chocolate. Each nut has a lush, creamy texture which makes them a chocolate treat to be slowly savoured. 


Milk Chocolate (80%),
Cocoa Powder
Skimmed Milk Powder
Cocoa Mass
Whey Powder
Lactose (Milk)
Butter Oil (Milk)
Emulsifier: (Cocoa Flavouring)
Brazil Nuts (19%)
Glazing Agents: Gum Arebic, Shellac.

Allergy Advice

Contains milk, whey, lactose, butter oil and brazil nuts

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